Gabbie and Jacob

Gabbie and Jacob were married mid-January in one of the season's first snowfalls. Illinois had been missing out on the annual snow around Christmas and the begininning of the year, but I truly believe that was because Gabbie had everyone praying for snow on the day of the wedding, and Mother Nature delievered just that! The day before the wedding some areas around the Chicago suburbs was hit with 12-14" of snow. The day of the wedding, the sun was out most of the day, with just enough snow falling to make the entire day feel magical!

Jacob and Gabbie first met a few years back at a Jazz concert - Gabbie's brother is a jazz musician and Jacob went to watch him play. Gabbie also attended the show that night, and once the two were introduced, they hit it off immediately. When it came time for Jacob to propose, he did not dissapoint! He planned his proposal around the annual downtown Wheaton Christmas Tree Lighting festival - where the two of them were dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and participated in a parade. When the parade was completed, still in costume - Mickey got down on one knee and proposed to Minne with a ring that was made to fit over Minnie's finger! Once Minnie said yes, and the costumes were removed, Jacob gave Gabbie the actual engagement ring, which was a show-stopper!

Here's the link to their engagement session: Gabbie and Jacob Engagement Session

On the day of the wedding, Gabbie was calm and laid back. She wasn't stressing about anything and was elated with joy that her wish had come true - she got her snow! Gabbie and the girls got ready in the morning at her childhood