Praire St. Brewing Co. - Rockford, IL

Emily and Tyler have been booked for their wedding for what feels like FOREVER - They were one of the first couples to book me once I started my business in early 2020. Thanks to COVID, they had to reschedule their wedding date multiple times, and even decided to do a courthouse wedding last August, while they waited for their true date to celebrate. While it was definitely long overdue, their wedding day was surely one they'll get to cherish for the rest of their lives.

I actually first met Emily when we were in middle school - We were really close friends, both active members of the middle school band (and also high school). Emily has this personality that can't be duplicated - she's loud, honest, and loves her people fiercely, protecting her people with her life. Although we haven't stayed as close as we once were after graduating, just spending a few days here and there with her to help plan timelines proves that she hasn't changed - if anything, she's grown into this woman who loves and protects harder, while still having the same outgoing, vibrant personality. The only difference - She's found someone to match and balance her.

While Tyler also went to high school with us, he was a few years older than us - So I never really knew him (other than a few conversations among mutual friends), and Emily and Tyler didn't start truly talking until after high school. On the surface, Tyler is a quiet-soul. He cares about everyone, wanting to make sure that everyone is taken care of before he's taken care of. He enjoys relaxing with friends, and sharing different stories about different life experiences. While I haven't interacted with Tyler too much before the wedding, watching him on his wedding day - The smile across his face when Emily walked the aisle with her dad, the loving glances he'd give her throughout the reception, the giggles and jokes shared between the two of them during their portrait sessions - I truly believe that Emily and Tyler have a love that can't be matched.

Photographing their wedding meant the world to me - I knew most of her family members, and walking in to their wedding day felt like visiting family I hadn't seen in forever - It didn't feel like I was just another vendor showing up for another wedding day. (Those who know me and my business, know that one of my biggest business structures is forming that friendship bond well before the big day, so it isn't weird the day of the wedding).

Emily and Tyler, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, and for trusting me with your day! Thank you even more for the friendship that we've developed outside of our high school years. Ya'll are simply the best!