We've all read the story - where there's two girls, who are best friends, and one of those girls secretly crushes on her friend's brother. It's typically a 50/50 shot if girl chases boy, and if boy has those same feelings for girl. Will they move past their feelings, and not make a move? Or will they end up together, living that fairy tale life we've all dreamt of?

For Chiara, she definitely found her Price Charming in her best friend's brother - Jacob. She had feelings for him pretty early on - but nothing actually happened until high school, where she started wondering to herself, "What if this could actually be a thing?" Add on top of that - Jacob's sister was more than okay with this - they still remained super close friends, and Chiara and Jacob began their lives as a couple.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and Jacob is planning to propose to Chiara. He's trying to make this super special for her - He took her out to dinner, while behind the scenes, friends and family were helping set up the scene for the proposal. Once dinner was completed, he convinced her to go on a walk with him through a park, where there happened to be lights set up. Before she knew it, Chiara was an engaged woman!

These two hold a special place in my heart - Jacob's sister (and Chiara's best friend) and I grew up together, from middle school until high school graduation. Jacob's sister is the one who helped me get in connection with these two lovebirds - and after spending some time with them during their consult, and then again at their engagement session, I can honestly say that I can't wait for their wedding this fall!

Chiara and Jacob, thank you for being unique and for allowing me to be apart of this small - but oh so memorable - portion of your life. I can't wait to party with you guys in a few months!!