Kristen + Ryan

Cantigny Park - Wheaton, IL

Meet Kristen and Ryan - two high school sweethearts that have been together for 10 years. Kristen and Ryan first met about 15 years ago, through Ryan's cousin. They went to the same high school, and even though they didn't start dating while they were in high school, they were best friends. Once they were both out of school, they began dating. They ended up moving to Georgia a couple of years into their relationship, due to some job opportunities. They did come back home for about a year or so, before they decided that Georgia was where their home was - at least for now.

After a few years, Kristen and Ryan started talking about their futures, and what they wanted in life. Kristen had decided that she wanted the whole thing - To get married and have kids. She gave him a timeline - She wanted to be engaged by the time she turned 30. Ryan made good on that wish and proposed to her a month before her 30th. They had a beach day in Lake Geneva - where she had beach hair and a little sunburn. He took her to Lou Malnati's Pizza (if you're from Chicago, you know) where he asked his best friend to spend the rest of her life with him

When I asked Kristen and Ryan what their favorite things were about their relationship, they easily said that they both loved that they are best friends. And while shooting their engagement session, I could clearly see that. Kristen and Ryan were nervous going into their session, but just like I tell every couple - It is completely normal to feel nervous. Unless you're someone who's used to being in front of the camera, you're going to feel weird for the first 15 minutes of your session. Soon, Kristen and Ryan were laughing their way through the session, and towards the end, were able to ease into the posing with very little prompting on my end. I'd say they turned into pros!

I cannot wait for these two amazing people to get married later this year - I have a feeling it's going to be a great wedding, and an even better marriage for these two!