Cantigny Park - Wheaton, Illinois

Kelsey and Mark booked me for their wedding services, picked their engagment session, and had a lot of their wedding day details figured out LONG before we needed to start planning for their wedding, and I LOVE IT. As a past bride myself, planning everything early is the way to go - because then you're less likely to forget something, and if there's a last minute change you need to do, there's still time to make changes.

When I met these two at Cantigny Park , I made a point to ask Kelsey how much they had left to plan for the wedding. She stated that they were pretty much done with the bigger items, and just needed to get their final touches set in place. This made my OCD planning heart oh-so happy! She knew she didn't want to wait until the last moment to plan everything, and while I could tell she was a tad stressed about the planning that was left, all of the big stuff was taken care of - Such a weight off of both of their shoulders!

Kelsey and Mark chose Cantigny Park for their engagment session - Which, I mean, this location will always be my favorite. (I might be a tad bit biased though - this is where Rob and I had our engagement session done in 2018). But there's just something about the location - The garden that you can walk through, and experience the different florals throughout the year, the fountain, where you can either lay a blanket down to have a nice pic-nic, or just lay and take in the scenery, the unique furniture that is placed throughout the grounds (If you've been here before, you know all about the iconic yellow furniture that can be MOVED!!). Not to mention - Did you even have your engagment session at Cantigny if you DON'T get a photo or five with the tanks?! (Mark was pretty easy going about what photos we got - but right at the end of our session, this was the ONE request he had - and I happily obliged).

Here's to their wedding later this year - I know it's going to be BEAUTIFUL!!