A July Engagment for the Books


YOU GUYS. I am SO excited to share this sweet couple's engagement! Despite the heat, which was pretty bad, the love these two share between them is unmatched - Their session was filled with nothing but love and laughter, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

This couple is specifically near and dear to my heart - Emily and I were really close friends in middle school and high school. She pulled me out of some pretty rough patches, and we supported one another endlessly. We were even eachother's dates for Senior Prom! Despite losing connection after graduation, I was so excited to watch her relationship with Tyler blossom by following them on social media. When Em reached out for her engagement session, I was ecstatic - reconnecting with her feels so good, and I am so happy and blessed that she has found such a loving and caring guy to love her until the end.

Emily and Tyler met through a mutual friend in high school. She was a freshman, while he was a sophomore. They didn't really talk - Not until they were both out of high school in 2015. They began to chat, and soon, Emily realized that there was something more that the two of them had than just friendship. She asked him out for ice cream on September 30th, and from that day on, they've been inseperable. They talked every day, and met up together after every workshift, wanting to spend as much time together as possible.

Finally, one day Tyler told Emily to play hooky from work - She didn't need much convincing though, since it meant that she would get to spend the entire day with him! He took her to a museum in Chicago that she had been wanting to go to - The International Museum of Surgical Science. While this museum isn't big, they spent SIX HOURS here - If that doesn't tell you these two were meant for one another, I don't know what would! They finished their impromptu date at a pancake house, where Tyler then asked sweet Emily to be his girlfriend (of course she said YES!!).

From thenm they realized that maybe fate had been trying to pull them together all along. Both Tyler's mother and Emily's mother worked together many years ago, and they were friends! But that's not all - They both moved to the same area, IN THE SAME YEAR - they were practically next door neighbors, just across a small retention pond! They went to the same elementary school.... you get my drift. God had it in His plan all along.

These two love birds are truly what everyone wishes for - And they found it in one another! Now, 6 years later, they share a house, 2 guinea pigs, fish, a puppy, and a whole lot of love together.

Em and Tyler, thank you so much for letting me in on this small, but oh so significant time in your life. You two are so good together, and I loved learning how you two mesh together, and seeing that come to life during your session! I wish you nothing but the greatest wherever life takes you two! Cheers to your love!