These two love-birds might look familiar - I took their engagement photos a little over a year ago - They were one of my first engagement-session couples! I grew up with Emily, throughout middle school and high school, playing in the band in school with her, all the way to being each other's prom dates our senior year.

Emily and Tyler met after high school, even though we all went to school together. They ended up being friends first, and then one thing led to another, and a few years later, they commited to one another in front of their closest family members. They were originally planning on having a 2023 wedding in the fall - but, because life has a weird way of directing us sometimes, they decided to get married a year before, in front of only a few people, at their local county courthouse. While I've only ever been to a courthouse wedding once before, and that was for my sister-in-law's wedding, I gotta say - There's something so sweet about the intimacy of the whole thing. Sure, your wedding ceremony is all but 5 minutes, but you get to be super selective on who you want to enjoy the day.

These two are still planning on having a celebration in the fall of 2023, but for now, they get to enjoy the married life.

Em + Tyler, I hope you both are enjoying your new life as husband and wife, and I can't wait to party with you two in 2023!