The Firehouse - chicago, illinois

Samantha and Sarah were married late - October, surrounded by friends and family who were excited to share their love.

Is there a better way to start off telling the story of the day of your wedding by saying you got locked out of the venue?! Samantha can do just that - and when they look back, they're able to laugh at the memories brought forward as they reflect on their wedding day. Once the day started, Samantha was full of smiles - I don't think there was more than a few moments where she wasn't laughing with her gals, or just sitting - and smiling. You could really tell that this was it - the day she finally got to marry her best friend.

Samantha and Sarah were married in a firehouse-flipped-wedding venue, which I think is super unique, as there are still a lot of touches the venue kept, showing the history of the building. The charm and intimate-ness of this venue was a perfect selection for these two love birds, and when I saw the venue for the first time, I knew that they had made the right choice. Once the decor and florals were in place, and guests were filled around the dining room table, you could feel the warm feeling of home.

Samantha and Sarah, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day, and I hope that every day when you look into eachother's eyes, you get that feeling all over again - the feeling of home.

The Team to Make it Happen:

Venue: Chicago Firehouse - Chicago, IL

Florals: Tra Blume - Chicago, IL

Ceremony Musician: Katherine Elise

DJ/Band: Groove Is In The Heart - Chicago, IL

Catering/Deserts: Hearty Boys - Chicago, IL

Cake: Sugar Fixe - Chicago, IL

HAMU: Blush and Braids Beauty Bar - Chicago, IL