Carolina + Mike

Garfield Conservatory - Chicago, IL

Carolina and Mike had their couple session the first week of February - and they were SUPER cute! Carolina and Mike reached out only about a week or so before their session - they weren't looking for a wedding or engagement photographer - they were looking for a photographer to snag a few photos of them post-wedding! These two got married in Hawaii! (Helloooo bucketlist!!) and they wanted to document this season of life.

I love when couples come to me requesting photos because they've just done, or celebrated something HUGE. Something one-in-a-lifetime. It doesn't always have to be you're GETTING married - It could be you GOT married, and want more photos!

This is exactly what Carolina and Mike wanted - I could tell after just meeting over a quick video call that they wanted to really savor this moment, and soak it in - and I'm so glad they chose me!

When we got to Garfield Conservatory, we started immediately the same way I do with all of my couples. Introduce them to the core poses that I work off of, and then build their confidence in themselves from there. By the time our session was over, these two lovies were laughing and posing in front of the camera as if it was their JOB - and let me tell you - these photos were *chef's kiss* - AH-MAZING!