Creating memories that will last a lifetime!

I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. Did I know that wedding photography would be my niche? HECK NO. I didn’t know what I wanted to do - All I knew was I wanted to follow my 13 year old self and chase after my dreams. But I had no idea how.

After having a major eye surgery in 2015, I thought my dreams were over. But, 5 years later, I finally took a leap of faith and opened up the doors to SMP.

From the beginning, I’ve focused on my couples. How can I better serve them to provide them an experience that’ll last for generations?

Wedding photography wasn’t something I knew I wanted to do - that is, until I was a bride myself. Realizing how much goes into planning a wedding, and all of those tiny little details - my OCD and perfectionist heart was gleaming - I wanted more. So, I busied myself with education, upgraded my gear, and spent endless hours deciding how I would serve my couples. And then one day - it came to me.

With a mixture of friendship and perfectionism, I am able to give my couples back memories that will last for generations.

My goal as your wedding photographer is to make sure you have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. I want to capture your great-grandma teary-eyed as she sees you for the first time as you come down the aisle. I want to capture the moment your future hubby gets his breath taken away by your beauty as you walk into the room for the first time. I want to capture the feel of the room as you dance your night away with those who are closest to you.

My Favorite Things:

  • Iced Chai Tea Lattes: For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of tea, HOOOLY cow do I love a good chai tea!
  • My man: Rob is my absolute world, and being able to chase down my dreams wouldn’t be possible without him.
  • Friendship: My friends are my rock - they keep me grounded, and cheer me on in challenging seasons of life. I strive for every relationship to be a friendship, including those with my couples.
  • God: I’ve recently been rekindling my faith in the Lord, and truly believe that everything (the good, the bad, EVERYTHING) has a reason, and there’s a bigger plan in God’s eyes - you just have to be patient.
  • True Crime: A guilty pleasure FOR SURE. I’m currently binging the Crime-Junkie Podcast on Spotify - I may or may not have gotten through 3 YEARS of weekly content in just about 4 months….


Aliya + Sam

"Sierra was AMAZING! She came up from Illinois to Wisconsin to be our photographer. She also was flexible with us having to push the wedding back a year due to the pandemic. Sierra also came up to meet with us in person before hand as well 😄 She kept us updated about everything along the way. When my now husband asked about recording our wedding ceremony on his phone Sierra set that up for us too!

The book she made for us is gorgeous 😍 My husband and I are so happy with how much Sierra helped us out!"

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I can’t WAIT to celebrate you and your fiance as you prepare to throw the biggest party of your life. I am ready to cheer you on!

By the time we get to your wedding day, I won’t be just another vendor. I’ll be your bonus bridesmaid, helping you fluff that dress and making sure every detail is perfect.