The Treutler Family

Meet the Treutler Family - Stephen, Zina, Avery, and Stephen Jr. (also known as SJ). We had their family session Sunday evening in Bloomingdale - where we were striking poses in between the rain clouds! Zina and I were consistently checking the weather throughout the week to see if it was going to rain - all week, there was less than 20% chance that it would rain - So we should have been fine! Except the 9% chance of rain at 6:30 was the exception when it rained steadily for a solid 5 minutes. Luckily, we were able to keep the kiddos warm and entertained, and once that pesky rain cloud passed, we were able to continue on with the session.

Stephen and Zina met in highschool, where they were they were constantly hanging out with one another, and dating off and on. It wasn't until later that these t lovebirds decided to settle down and get married in 2014. They were married in October, and just like their family session, Mother Nature blessed them with some snow on their wedding day.

We had a blast doing this session - the kids got to make fun of Mom and Dad kissing, and at one point, Dad even threatened to through SJ into the lake!

Treutler Family, thank you for choosing SMP to capture your family!