Wilder park conservatory - Elmhurst, illinois

I met Samantha and Sarah at a wedding expo in early 2022. We chatted briefly about the wedding day details - What their wedding date was, if they had a venue in mind, and obviously, did they need a photographer. I had one of my second-photographers with, which helped these two in knowing who their second shooter would be before they even booked with me! We didn't chat too much, since the expo was busy, and they had other vendors to look at. But, we did agree to meet up and get coffee, to have a little more time getting to know one another.

Can I just say - These two are absolutely, meant to be. I can't even tell you the amount of times that Sam would look over at Sarah as they retold their love story, and the smiles that came after they caught the other's eye. Holy smokes - I could definitely feel the love they share.

That feeling poured over into their engagement session a few months later, in April, and I had such an amazing time working with them, getting to know their favorite "quirks" to get the other to laugh, and just getting to experience them being together.

Their engagement session took place at one of the more frequented locations I suggest to my couples - Wilder Park Conservatory in Elmhurst. They wanted to have blooms, since we were right at the peak of everything thawing out from the winter we had, and what better way to do that then to go to a conservatory!

I am so excited to share these photos with you, and I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding later this fall!