Garfield Park Conservatory - Chicago, IL

Natalia and David requested their engagement session be somewhere with flowers and blooms galore! And even though there's not a place outdoors in the Chicagoland area in the wintertime that would work too well (if you're from the mid-west, you know how our weather can be) - Natalia recommended the Garfield Park Conservatory, closer to the city. We spend our two hours wandering around, stopping at various locations to get those "Must-Have" shots for their gallery.

When we first got to the Conservatory, one of the first things this sweet couple told me was that they weren't sure how they should pose - and that they'd need help. I assured them that by the time we were done with their session, they'd feel like pros - And I mean, even 10 minutes into the session, we were laughing and chatting away, and snapping photos as if this was what they did for a living!

Natalia and David are getting married this fall, and I can't WAIT to capture their big day!